Like a comet in the vast universe, aimlessly drifting for millennials, without a destination, without a purpose. Till one fine day, it was caught upon by an invisible force. It gravitate slowly but picking up speed over the time, heading to a distant planet. A lonely one. As it gets closer and closer, all the liquid that froze for million of years starts to vaporize. Barren as it is, a metallic stone comes crashing down on the planet. It had burnt out all his has on his way to here. And now, it was nothing but pebbles and dust. In pieces, he is, he wonder, if gravity was not at fault here, he would still be drifting but perhaps in one whole piece. Is this what he wishes for, or this journey is worthwhile. 

If was a short 10 days trip. But enough to make me realize how much I love you still. How much I miss you. Throughout the years, I thought I have moved on, having a date here and there but nothing ends up as a fruition. There has been a constant void that filled with your memories. 

It was a winter season. So many moments that when you are freezing cold, I wanted to hug you tight. My heart screams with desires to protect you, to shelter you. I guess this is a normal behaviour, wanting to protect someone you love dearly. 

My heart aches when I saw you in despair. I wish there is something more that I could do, to share your burden. But as life has it way, it is your fight, your journey. I wish to tell you, I will always be here supporting you. I will stand by your side if you wish to be. I never really left you. You are not alone. Stay strong and fight on. 


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